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Board of Directors & Staff

The Board is comprised of members of the CRPNM elected by their peers and members of the public appointed by the Board or by government. It consists of at least 12 people, one third of whom must be public representatives.

As the governing body of the CRPNM, the Board of Directors provides oversight to ensure the College meets its mandate and that it operates effectively and in the best interest of all its stakeholders. Board members direct the affairs of the organization with an overall responsibility for strategic planning, finances, organizational operations and human resources.

More information about the Board’s role and responsibilities can be found here.

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Isabelle Jarrin, RPN, President
Tracy Thiele, RPN, Vice President
Chris Dooley, Public Member, Executive Member at Large
 Wanda Brine, RPN
 Jennifer McKelvey, RPN
 Deb Melanson, RPN
 Kelly-Ann Stevenson, RPN
 Sara Wikstrom, RPN
 Richard Zwiep, RPN
 Susan Namba, RPN
 Naomi Sirota, RPN
 Christy Rogowski, Public Representative
 Mike MacIver, Ministerial Appointee
 Shirley Labman, Ministerial Appointee
 Leslie Orlikow, Ministerial Appointee

Laura Panteluk, RPN, Executive Director/Registrar
Ryan Shymko, RPN, Practice Consultant/Deputy Registrar
John Schmidt, Business Services Manager
Marigrace Licerio, Acting Registration Coordinator/Executive Assistant
Sherry Leynes, Administrative Assistant