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Setting Standards for Psychiatric Nursing Education

The Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act gives the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba (CRPNM) the legislated responsibility to approve psychiatric nursing education programs in Manitoba. The program approval process is compulsory as compared to an accreditation process which is voluntary in nature.

The CRPNM has two primary goals with the approval process:

1)  To safeguard the public interest by ensuring that education programs that prepare Registered Psychiatric Nurses meet the Standards for Psychiatric Nursing Education; and,

2)  To improve the quality of the education programs that prepare Registered Psychiatric Nurses through the process of regular program review based upon Psychiatric Nursing Education Standards using external evaluator(s) to make determinations and recommendations for program approval and follow up.

The Psychiatric Nursing Education Approval Committee (PNEAC) is a standing committee of the CRPNM Board of Directors, required by legislation, for the purposes of approving psychiatric nursing education programs. The PNEAC is responsible to ensure the regular review of psychiatric nursing education program takes place at the required intervals. The PNEAC makes recommendations to the Board for the approval, conditional or limited approval, or non-approval of such programs and ensures that regular follow up takes place with the faculty.

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