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Approved Basic Psychiatric Nursing Education Program

One of the ways the CRPNM regulates the psychiatric nursing profession is by ensuring that any  psychiatric nursing education program that leads to initial registration as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse meets the standards identified in the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Regulation.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (BScPN) program, provided by the Brandon University, is the approved entry level psychiatric nursing education program in Manitoba.

Approved Refresher/Re-Entry Program(s)

Former graduates of an approved psychiatric nursing education program, who no longer meet the 1400 hours of practice eligibility requirement, may take an approved refresher/re-entry program to return to the profession*.  CRPNM has approved one program; it is offered by distance education:

  • Psychiatric Nursing Refresher Certificate program provided by Douglas College in British Columbia

* Former psychiatric nurses wishing to re-enter the profession are advised to contact the CRPNM Practice Consultant/Deputy Registrar to determine if they would be eligible for the refresher/re-entry program.