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Reserved Acts

The CRPNM has been preparing for the legislative changes of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA).

Under the RHPA, the CRPNM will continue to regulate its members in a manner that serves and protects the public interest.

The  "reserved act approach" is introduced in the Regulated Health Professions Act.  The RHPA lists a number of activities that have been deemed to present a high degree of risk to the public.  The RHPA limits the practice of these acts to certain health professions and the members of those professions who are qualified and competent to perform them.

The CRPNM will submit a proposal, on behalf of the profession, requesting authorization for the reserved acts that Registered Psychiatric Nurses in Manitoba are educated, qualified and competent to perform.

The CRPNM has developed a list of proposed reserved acts for the Registered Psychiatric Nurse profession based on previous consultations with RPNs in Manitoba. The data that has been collected from RPNs is currently being validated by employers.

Download a copy of the reserved acts 

View the Regulated Health Professions Act