2021 Board Election

Call for Nominations – Seeking RPNs for the 2021-2023 Board Term

The CRPNM Governance Committee is seeking Registered Psychiatric Nurses to let their name stand for election for the 2021-2023 Board term.

As the governing body of the College, the Board of Directors provides oversight to ensure the College meets its mandate to serve and protect the public interest.  As a Board member you will direct the affairs of the College with an overall responsibility for governance, strategic planning, financial oversight, and risk management. Board members may also be asked to hold a position with one of the College’s Committees. 

More information about the Board’s 2021-2026 Strategic Priorities can be found here.  

More information about the Board’s role and responsibilities can be found here

To qualify for this volunteer position, you must be on the Practising register and in good standing with the CRPNM. The Governance Committee encourages RPNs from diverse backgrounds and practice settings and from all parts of the province to consider letting their name stand. The College would also benefit from RPNs who have previous leadership, governance, or finance committee experience.

Board meetings are held no less than four times a year. Board meetings may be held virtually or in person.  Access to, and competence in the use of, a device, the internet, and an email account is required. Board members attending in person Board or Committee meetings will be remunerated for all out-of-pocket expenses and for travel and accommodation when that is required. See the CRPNM policy here.

The board meeting schedule can be found here.  

If elected, your position as a CRPNM Board member will start immediately following the CPRNM Annual General Meeting on June 24, 2021. A term on the Board is for two years.

If you are an RPN who is interested in regulatory and policy work and the public interest mandate of the College, we invite you to submit a board nomination form and your resume no later than midnight, April 22, 2021, to the attention of:

Lynda Stiles, RPN, BScMH
Chair of the CRPNM Governance Committee
at crpnm@crpnm.mb.ca

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