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The Manitoba government establishes the legislation that governs health professions.  In order to practice in Manitoba, Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs) must be registered with the CRPNM.  Registration with the CRPNM is renewed annually. 

The requirements for the information on the registers is outlined in the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act, the Registered Psychiatric Nurse Regulation and the CRPNM By-LawsCurrent and complete information is always required, not just on initial registration or at renewal.  This means that as an RPN you are required, by law, to keep your information current.

Maintaining your registration with the College also demonstrates your respect for the public’s right to safe, competent and ethical care.

The Registered Psychiatric Nurses Regulation also provides for registration as a non-practising member. You may not practice psychiatric nursing or use the title Registered Psychiatric Nurse, or any abbreviation or variation of this title, when on the non- practising register. 

Use the menu items on the right to learn more about how to update your information or to change your registration status if you are no longer practising or if you are returning to practice after a leave.

View our 2022 Renewal FAQ here.

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