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Health Professions Corporations

Registered Psychiatric Nursing Corporations

The Regulated Health Professions Act and the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba General Regulation (the General Regulation) set out the requirements for Health Professions Corporations. 

Registered Psychiatric Nurses who wish to practice as a Health Professions Corporation must be registered in good standing* and hold a valid certificate of practice.

 *Good standing is defined in the CRPNM By-Laws.

The CRPNM’s Health Professions Corporations Permit Registry can be found here.

Application Steps:

  1. File a Request for Name Reservation* with the Companies Office.
  2. Receive approved Name Reservation from the Companies Office.
  3. Submit approved Name Reservation to CRPNM.
  4. Receive Consent to Incorporation from CRPNM.
  5. Receive a link from CRPNM to complete an application for a Permit to Practise as a Health Professions Corporation.

 *The name of the corporation must contain the type of regulated health profession within it. 

Registration and Permit to Practise as a Registered Psychiatric Nursing Corporation

Provided the application is complete and includes all required documents* (copy of Articles of Incorporation or Continuance; current Certificate of Status issued by the Director at the Companies Office) and the payment of the applicable fees, the Registrar will issue a Permit to Practise as a Registered Psychiatric Nursing Corporation.

 *CRPNM reserves the right to request additional documentation as may be required after a review of the application.


  • Health Professions Corporation Permit Initial Application fee: $500 (plus GST, non-refundable)
  • Health Professions Corporation Permit fee: $250 (plus GST, non-refundable)
  • Health Professions Corporation Permit renewal: $250 (plus GST, non-refundable)

Changes to the Registered Psychiatric Nursing Corporation

Notify CRPNM of any changes in the particulars of the corporation within 30 days of any such change. Changes should be submitted in writing and would include changes to the president, directors, officers or representative, corporation office address, corporation mailing address, voting and non-voting shareholders to crpnm@crpnm.mb.ca. Include a copy of the Articles of Amendment, if applicable. You will be contacted by CRPNM if additional documents are required.

Permit Renewal

All permits expire one year after the initial date of issuance by the College and are subject to annual renewal. A renewal notice will be sent by email one month prior to date of expiry. 


  • For any advice regarding the indications for incorporation, consult with your lawyer and/or accountant and/or The Canadian Nurses Protective Society. Advice of this nature cannot be given by CRPNM.
  • For information regarding the CRPNM requirements for incorporation, contact the Deputy Registrar at rshymko@crpnm.mb.ca.


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