We acknowledge that Manitoba is on the original lands of the Dakota, Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, Dené, Inuit and Métis Nation. We acknowledge that the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba is located on Treaty One territory. We respect the Treaties that were made on these territories, and we acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past. We dedicate ourselves to moving forward in partnership with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.

Information about the Complaint Process

When a complaint is received, the Executive Director checks that the complaint contains all the necessary information  listed in the How to File a Complaint section. If any information is missing, the Executive Director will contact the complainant.

After CRPNM receives a complaint, the CRPNM sends two letters:

  • A letter to the complainant stating that the complaint has been received
  • A letter to the Registered Psychiatric Nurse or Graduate Psychiatric Nurse who is the subject of the complaint. This  includes a copy of the complaint and a request that the registrant respond to the complaint, in writing.

All correspondence and documents relating to the complaint are forwarded to the Investigation Committee for review.

The Investigation Committee

The Investigation Committee, composed of three RPNs and two public representatives,  reviews the complaint and determines how to best deal with the matter. 

When the Investigation Committee reviews a complaint, there are certain actions they are permitted to take. The Committee’s options are identified in section 23(1) of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act and include:

  • Resolving the complaint informally
  • Referring the matter to the discipline committee
  • Directing that no further action take place
  • Censuring the member
  • Ordering an investigation into the matter
  • Entering into an agreement with the member*
  • Accepting a voluntary surrender of the members certificate of registration
  • Taking any other action that it considers appropriate in the circumstances*

The member and complainant must both agree with the option(s) chosen by the Investigation Committee.

If the complainant does not agree with the action, the complainant can appeal the Committee’s decision to the CRPNM Board of Directors.

If the RPN against whom the complaint was made does not agree to the action, the matter may be forwarded for full investigation or to the CRPNM Discipline Committee for a full hearing into the matter.

* See section 23(1) (d) & (f) – Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act

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