Applicants from Other Canadian Jurisdictions

If you are registered or eligible for registration with another Canadian Psychiatric Nursing regulatory body, you may be granted registration if you provide all the required documentation and meet all of the requirements for initial registration identified in Section 5(1) of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Regulation.

The other Canadian Psychiatric Nursing regulatory bodies include:

Note: If you are a Manitoba applicant who wishes to register with another RPN regulator in Canada, please start by contacting the provincial regulator where you wish to apply.

Application Requirements

Click on the Applicant Portal link to start your application. Once you have submitted the application, an acknowledging e-mail will be sent to you. The CRPNM will assess your eligibility for registration once we have received all of the required documents.

Use the links below for helpful information about the criminal record check, child & adult abuse registry checks, and the CRPNM registration fees. 

Download the confirmation of registration and employer reference forms here.

Submitting Your Documents Electronically

If you have documents that you need to submit to the CRPNM (such as Criminal Records and Child and Adult Abuse Registry checks and identification documents) you can now submit them electronically to the CRPNM Administrative Assistant, Sherry Leynes, at

Scanned copies or photographs of these documents will be accepted if:

  • The scan or picture is in color;
  • The scan/photocopy/photo it is clearly legible; and,
  • Both sides of the document have been scanned/photographed, even if the back page is blank;

The CRPNM reserves the right to request the originals if we are unable to authenticate the scanned documents.

If you do not have a scanner, you are welcome to drop off your documents in the mail slot at the CRPNM at 1854 Portage Ave in Winnipeg or mail them to us. Please find our complete mailing address here.

*Initial registration with the CRPNM must be to the Practising register.

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