Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

As a service to our registrants, the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba (CRPNM) is pleased to offer the pre-authorized payment plan (PAP). The pre-authorized payment plan is an easy and convenient way to make monthly payments for your annual registration fees. The pre-payment plan allows you to pay for your Practising registration fee and Professional Liability Protection fee for 2022 during the 2021 calendar year.

Pre-authorized payments for 2022 start in February 2021 and continue for a 9-month period through October 2021.  The withdrawals are made the first day of each month from February to October.

If you are currently enrolled, do not submit this form again unless you have changes to your banking information. If you wish to be removed from the PAP you must notify the CRPNM in writing. If you are not currently enrolled and you wish to do so, you must complete the PAP form and submit it to the CRPNM office along with a cheque marked “VOID”. Payments being deducted will be applied to your 2022 registration.

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