Changing Your Registration Status

The Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act and Regulation provide for three types of registers: Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Graduate Psychiatric Nurses, and the register of non-practising members. Registration status requests are valid for the current practice year.

You can apply for a registration status change online through your Member Portal, but you are encouraged to review the following information before you do so.


If you are no longer practising as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in Manitoba, you can apply to change your status to non-practising. You may not practice psychiatric nursing or use the title Registered Psychiatric Nurse, or any abbreviation or variation of this title, when on the non- practising register. 


The request to change your status to non-practising must be made within 3 months of ceasing practice as an RPN. These requests are not retroactive to a previous registration year and cannot be made in advance of ceasing practice.

If you are wanting to return to the register of Registered Psychiatric Nurses, you can apply to change your status to Practising.  You must meet the requirements for Practising registration to return to practice.


Members wishing to change to the Practising register must have practiced a minimum of 1400 hours of practice in the immediately preceding five-year period, unless you have graduated from the psychiatric nursing education program in the past 5 years. A summary of your practice hours can be found in your Member Portal.


Your Practising registration must in place before you return to practice. Please allow 7-10 days for the processing of this status change request.

As per the CRPNM By-Laws, persons practising while not on the Practising register having used the title which is restricted to practising members and having held him or herself out to be qualified to practice as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, will be subject to unauthorized practice fee of $1000.  

Those on the register of Graduate Psychiatric Nurses must convert their registration to Practising within 30 days of receiving a “Pass” result on the Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada Examination (RPNCE). 


Graduate Psychiatric Nurses are otherwise expected to be aware of the expiry date of their registration. Graduate registration is valid for a period of up to 4 months, but it may be renewed on application. The renewal must be processed prior to the expiry date or the registration will be cancelled.  Please allow 7-10 days for the processing of the renewal.

During the registration renewal period (October to December, annually), changes in registration status must be completed before renewing your registration.

A change of status request that is submitted as part of your registration renewal will take effect on January 1 of the next calendar year.

The CRPNM By-Laws have provisions for the prorating of fees based on a formula that divides the year into quarters. Practising registration fees are prorated based on the date that the applicant is entered, on or returns, to the register.

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