Practice Resources

The CRPNM aims to promote good practice and to prevent poor practice by supporting RPNs to meet the Code of Ethics and Standards of Psychiatric Nursing Practice. The resources in this section provide information on specific aspects of practice.  They are provided to help RPNs understand professional practice expectations and to promote discussion, self-reflection, clinical decision making and sound professional judgment.

Self-employed RPNs or RPNs considering independent practice are strongly encouraged to review the Guidelines for Registered Psychiatric Nurses in Independent Practice and to read important information about malpractice/liability insurance requirements.

Practice Consultation

Please contact the Practice Consultant for further information, or for assistance to apply the practice guidelines, the Code of Ethics or the Standards into practice.


Conferences and Workshops                                                                                                                 

The College posts information on conferences and workshops. The conferences posted here may be of interest to CRPNM members.  They have not been reviewed or endorsed by CRPNM. The list of conferences and workshops is not all inclusive.

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