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Internationally Educated Psychiatric Nurses

If you are interested in applying for registration with the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba (CRPNM) you need to start the process by applying to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). More information about NNAS can be found using the menu items to the left.

You can only apply to the CRPNM after the process with NNAS is completed.

Other things to consider:

Am I eligible to immigrate to Manitoba?

Visit www.ImmigrateManitoba.com to determine whether you are eligible to immigrate to Manitoba. This way, you will not waste your time, money, and effort applying with the CRPNM if you are ineligible to immigrate here.

The immigration process is long and separate from the CRPNM application process. Just because you are approved to immigrate to Manitoba does not mean you will be qualified to work as a psychiatric nurse. The opposite is also true. You may be qualified to work as an RPN, but you may be ineligible to immigrate. This is why it is important that you work on both the immigration and the registration processes at the same time.

Am I a psychiatric nurse?

There are three kinds of nursing professions in Manitoba: licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses. There is a separate regulatory body for each nursing profession. There are differences in the basic educational programs for each of the regulated nursing groups. To practice as a nurse in Manitoba, you must be registered with one of the nursing professions in Manitoba.

Before you apply to the CRPNM, we want you to determine whether your education and experience match that which is needed to be a registered psychiatric nurse in Manitoba.

You must have graduated from a basic psychiatric nursing education program that meets the CRPNM criteria for classroom and clinical hours. You can download a copy of these criteria in PDF form by clicking on the following link:

Please use these criteria to self-assess if you meet the requirements. Making this self-assessment will help you determine if you want to continue to apply for registration as a psychiatric nurse.

Please use the links below for information about the other nursing regulators in Manitoba:


Psychiatric nursing is regulated in some Canadian provinces and one territory; British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Yukon Territory.

Each province has its own regulatory body. The registration requirements are the same in each province. If a regulatory body in one province makes an assessment and determines that your education and experience do not qualify you to be a RPN, you will not get a different result if you apply to the regulatory body in another province. This is because all the provincial RPN regulatory bodies work together to set the requirements for registration.

Submitting Your Documents Electronically

If you have documents that you need to submit to the CRPNM (such as Criminal Records and Child and Adult Abuse Registry checks and identification documents) you can now submit them electronically to the CRPNM Administrative Assistant, Sherry Leynes, at sleynes@crpnm.mb.ca.

Scanned copies or photographs of these documents will be accepted if:

  • The scan or picture is in color;
  • The scan/photocopy/photo it is clearly legible; and,
  • Both sides of the document have been scanned/photographed, even if the back page is blank;

The CRPNM reserves the right to request the originals if we are unable to authenticate the scanned documents.

If you do not have a scanner, you are welcome to drop off your documents in the mail slot at the CRPNM at 1854 Portage Ave in Winnipeg or mail them to us. Please find our complete mailing address here.

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