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Registration Renewal 2024 Is Now Open

Registration Renewal – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The CRPNM Online Self-Service Portal is accessible by computer, tablets, or mobile devices. If you don’t own a tablet or mobile device and cannot access a computer at your workplace or elsewhere, please contact the CRPNM to set up an appointment to use a computer. Staff will be available to assist you.

You can find the link to the Online Self-Service Portal on the CRPNM website. It is on the upper right-hand side on your desktop or at the top of the page on mobile. You could also use the following link to go there directly: Online Self-Service Portal

Your email address must be entered exactly as it is on file with CRPNM. If you have changed your email address but did not update it with the CRPNM, log in with your old email address. Once you have logged in, you can update your email address in your member profile.

Your password is case sensitive. If you are having trouble with your password, please try again with the upper and lower case letters you used when you set up your password.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “I have forgotten my password” link – the system can email you a new one. The new password will be sent to the email address we have on file for you. If your email address has changed and you no longer have access to the old one, please contact our office for assistance.

Still having trouble?

If you are encountering issues moving through the pages in your Online Self-Service Portal, these are often resolved by closing your browser and re-opening it. Sometimes your computer or device may need to be re-started.

If you encounter an error message, please take a screen shot of it and send it to us at crpnm@crpnm.mb.ca. This helps us to resolve any issues more quickly.

All Registered Psychiatric Nurses must now complete the Regulation 101 and Health Equity and Cultural Humility jurisprudence learning modules to renew your certificate of practice. This is a requirement for registration renewal for the 2024 registration year. Once you have completed the module, save the certificate of completion and email it to admin@crpnm.mb.ca.

The College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba General Regulation requires that a member who holds a valid certificate of practice must obtain and maintain professional liability protection or liability insurance for a minimum of $5 million for each or occurrence or claim with a minimum aggregate amount for each year of $5 million as a beneficiary of the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS).

The CNPS fees are paid on initial registration and when a certificate of practice is renewed. The fee for professional liability protection (PLP) is set by CNPS.

You will pay the 2024 CNPS fee when you renew your registration.

The payment of the CNPS fee will satisfy the CRPNM that you have met the PLP requirement. Should your employer or another party require evidence of PLP, it will be necessary to contact the CNPS for the documentation.

If you are on the Pre-Authorized Payment plan (PAP), your payments have included the 2024 CNPS fee. If you are not on PAP, you will need to be prepared to pay both your Registered Psychiatric Nurse certificate of practice fee and the CNPS fee to complete your renewal.

Once you are logged into your portal, you can change your contact information, including your home address, telephone number and email address. Always remember to save your changes before proceeding.

No. If your name has changed for any reason, you must provide the CRPNM with documentation of this change. Please send us a copy of the legal documents that show your name change. A marriage or divorce certificate is usually sufficient. This can be sent to us by fax (204-888-8638) or by email to admin@crpnm.mb.ca

Once we receive the documentation, we will change your name on the register. Please do this before proceeding to renewal.

The Regulated Health Professions Act requires that we have current information for each of your employers.

Your places of practice, as you have previously reported them, have been saved in your Online Self-Service Portal. There are instructions in the portal on how to update your place of practice information.  Please read and follow the instructions. 

Please note that if your place(s) of practice do not have a start date, the system will require you to enter a start date the first time you open the record(s). It is okay if you don’t know the exact date you started with each employer. Enter the month and year that you started and chose the 1st of the month if you don’t know the exact date.

Please be sure to update each of your employers, even employers that you might have ended with in 2023.

Your practice hours will be entered as part of the renewal. 

If you did not practice any hours with one of your employers, please enter zero. If you need to add a new employer and are having trouble finding it on the list, please contact us for assistance. If you are not currently employed, please follow the instructions to indicate that. 

You will enter your practice hours with each employer. The system will add up all the practice hours you enter, and you will find a summary and that total under the practice hour summary.

To be eligible for the Registered Psychiatric Nurse register, you must have practiced a minimum of 1400 hours in the immediately preceding five (5) year period. At registration renewal, you are entering practice hours for the fifth year.

RPNs who have recently graduated from the psychiatric nursing education program and who do not yet have 5 years of practice are eligible to renew to their Registered Psychiatric Nurse certificate of practice if they have less than 1400 hours of practice.

You can find a summary of the practice hours we have on file for you in your Online Self-Service Portal.  

If you believe that there is a mistake in the practice hours we have on file for you or, if you are concerned about your ability to meet the practice hours requirement, please contact us. 

While some employers might provide you with information about how many hours you have worked, it is important to remember that it is up to you to keep track of and report your practice hours.

The simplest way to calculate your practice hours is to add up the number of days you worked, or expect to work, in the 2023 calendar year and multiply that by the number of hours you work each day.

Do not include vacation or sick time into your calculations. Overtime hours can be included.

You may have to estimate your practice hours, particularly if you work part time or casual and pick up extra shifts. Please enter your practice hours for each of your employers. This estimation is acceptable for the purposes of reporting your practice hours before proceeding to renewal.

If you need to make corrections to your practice hours or adjust after December 31, 2023, please email admin@crpnm.mb.ca.

When you are logged into your Online Self-Service Portal, the renew registration button can be found on the welcome page.  If you can’t see it, or if you can’t proceed when you click on the button, this might mean that renewal is not open to you. Completion of the Health Equity and Cultural Humility jurisprudence module is a requirement for renewal.

If you were selected to provide Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search, a Child Abuse Registry Check, and an Adult Abuse Registry Check (collectively, the “Background Checks”) you will need to submit them (all three) before you can access renewal.

If you were selected to provide an audit and you have not completed it you will need to do so before you can access renewal. 

Please log in to your Online Self-Service Portal and complete the renewal by selecting the ‘not renewing’ option. Please remember that once you cancel your registration you can no longer practice or use the title registered psychiatric nurse (RPN).

Make sure to update your employment status and report your practice hours in case you decide to return to practice at some point in the future. Please contact our office to discuss your options should you later decide to return to practice.

The fee to renew a Registered Psychiatric Nurse certificate of practice for 2024 is $618 plus GST.

The CNPS fee is $92.25 plus GST.

The payment page of the registration renewal application will show the amount owing. You will be presented with a variety of options for payment. For example, you can choose to pay with a credit card, send a cheque or money order, or pay with your debit card at the office. 

Payment by credit card ensures your renewal application and the payment are received at the same time. If you wish to pay by credit card, you will be re-directed to our secure payment page.

If you would like to pay with your debit card at the office, please contact us to make an appointment.

If you chose to pay by cheque, please be advised that your renewal application is not considered complete until the payment has been received and has cleared your bank. This will mean that it will take more time to process your application. Please consider this in the context of the renewal deadlines and your employer requirements to ensure you have renewed your registration. Please write the cheque to the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba or CRPNM.

If you are not on the Pre-Authorized Payment plan (PAP) and wish to enroll, please click here to learn more.

The last step of the renewal application will provide you with a link to review your renewal information. You will receive an email confirming that we have received your renewal.

No. Renewal applications are reviewed by a CRPNM staff member and will be processed in the order in which they are received. If your renewal has not been processed and approved within a week this might be because we require more information from you. It also might be because we have not yet received your payment.  We cannot process your renewal without payment. 

We will contact you if we require more information.

You will receive an email when your registration is approved.  Your Portal has a downloadable certificate of practice, which notes your expiry date in the current year (2023). Your certificate of practice will update with your new expiry date on January 1st, 2024. However, the effective date on your registration history at the Public Register will update as soon as your renewal is approved.

Employers have been asked to use the Public Register or the Employer Verification Site to verify your registration status. This is the most reliable method of verification as the information is updated in real time. If your employer has questions or concerns, you can also direct them to the CRPNM office.

We will notify you by email if we have not received your completed registration renewal application by November 15, 2023. You can submit your registration renewal application, without penalty, between November 15th and November 30th.

Yes. A late fee of $105 applies to all renewals submitted starting December 1, 2023. If you are renewing after November 30, you must use the secure online payment portal to pay with a credit card. Cheques will not be accepted. The late fee also applies if you have submitted your renewal but have not submitted your payment, or your cheque has not cleared from your bank.

Your certificate of practice will be cancelled at midnight on December 31, 2023 if you have not completed the registration renewal process and submitted payment by noon on December 30, 2023.

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