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The Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act sets out, in law, the powers, duties and responsibilities of the CRPNM, its members and their employers. Employers, the CRPNM and RPNs all share the responsibility of promoting safe, competent and ethical psychiatric nursing practice.

Employers play a key role in ensuring that those who identify themselves as Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs) or Graduate Psychiatric Nurses are registered with the CRPNM. Employers also support RPNs and Graduate Psychiatric Nurses to acquire further competencies in practice and to meet their continuing competence requirements through orientation, continuing education and professional development opportunities.  

Employer Verification

Find out more about CRPNM's Online Registration Verification System

Making a Complaint

Information about employers' responsibilities to report misconduct and how to file a complaint.

Notice of Hearings & Discipline Decisions

See pending disciplinary hearings or complete discipline decisions

About RPNs

Learn more about Scope of Practice, Entry Level Competencies, Standards for Psychiatric Nursing Practice and Code of Ethic.