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Continuing Competency Program Audit

In addition to the CCP declaration on the annual renewal application, the College randomly selects 25% of those with a certificate of practice for an audit each year.

RPNs who are selected are asked a series of questions to which they must respond. The audit is divided into four (4) parts. You can find a sample of a completed audit here.

Audit Process Frequently Asked Questions

Why are RPNs audited?

The mandate of the CRPNM is to protect the public. As such, the Regulated Health Professions Act states that the CRPNM must have a Continuing Competency Program (CCP). The main purpose of the CCP is to ensure that RPNs continually assess their learning needs, find ways to fill these needs and put them into practice to ensure that clients are receiving safe and competent care.

How are RPNs selected for auditing?

A random selection is made each year. Every RPN is eligible for selection except those who entered the register in the current year.

Is it true that I can only be audited once every 5 years?

No. The random selection of 25% of eligible RPNs will continue through 2024 making it possible to be audited more than once in 5 years.

Who does the audit?

Volunteer RPNs work in pairs to review the audit forms and apply criteria that are established by the Continuing Competency Committee. The auditors then make recommendations to the CRPNM Practice Consultant.

Are the audits anonymous?

Yes, the CRPNM has established policies and processes to ensure RPNs remain anonymous to the auditors.

Are audits mandatory?

Yes. Participation in the CCP and the audit process is a requirement to renew your Certificate of Practice.

How will I know of the outcome?

At the conclusion of the survey, you will receive notification that you have submitted your audit. The CRPNM will collect responses for thirty (30) days before they are provided to the auditors for evaluation. Click here to view the audit map. You will be notified of the outcome by email.

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