Graduate Registration

If you have completed all of the requirements of the B.Sc.PN program and have applied to write the Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada Examination (RPNCE), you are eligible to register as a Graduate Psychiatric Nurse.  As a Graduate Psychiatric Nurse, you will be able to practice with some restrictions during the time you are waiting to take the RPNCE or while you are waiting for your exam results.

Graduate Psychiatric Nurses have some restrictions on their practice. While on the Graduate register you:

  • May not be in charge and may not practice without supervision*
  • Must have an RPN or RN available to you for consultation if required
  • Are expected to practice within the CRPNM Standards of Psychiatric Nursing Practice, the Psychiatric Nursing Competencies and the Code of Ethics

*This does not mean that you require direct or one-to-one supervision. However, this does mean that you cannot be the only nurse in the building or facility, and you must have an RPN or RN available for consultation. 

Pursuant to The Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act, no person except a graduate psychiatric nurse shall use the title “graduate psychiatric nurse”, a variation or abbreviation of that title, or an equivalent in another language.
Graduate Psychiatric Nurses in Manitoba are advised to use GPsyN as the abbreviated title.

Information about the Graduate Psychiatric Nurse and the Professional Liability Protection (PLP) fees can be found here.

Information about the requirements for PLP and beneficiary status with the Canadian Nurse Protective Society (CNPS) can be found here.


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